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police turns ugly a new international development, hours before president obama speaks at the united nations, what iran did this morning and how it's creating new tensions in the mild east. the morning news continues. good morning. welcome to a brand new day. it's tuesday, september 25. >> good morning. thank ing us. let's check in with steve for the weather. >> temperatures look like inland they will warm up. by the week kenned even the coast can get in on a warmer pattern. until then, we have morning fog. temperatures will be about 65. inland, more what the way of about 85. >> san mateo bridge traffic looks pretty good. the morning travels doing well
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in san jose. >> thank you. we have developing news this morning that we have been covering since 4:30. a second suspect is in police custody. we have video of a man being taken away. this is one of two men suspected of breaking into a substation at about 2:45 this morning. officers saw them and started chasing. one office and suspect were actually hurt during a struggle. they will both be okay, they say. dozens of officers set up a perimeter for that second suspect and he was caught hiding under a truck in a business mark on the boulevard. more overnight news. four people, including a south an fan police officer were rushed to a hospital after a fire here in south an fran -- san francisco. it was first reported at a
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duplex. the four people injured suffered smoke inhalation and are listed in stable condition. the cause of that fire is concerned investigation. we're getting new information about the santa clara elementary school principal accusedded of selling drugs to an undercover cop. we have new information involving hidden cam are a -- cameras >> reporter: the news is reporting that 10 hidden cameras were found in the home of the former principal here at the this elementary school. they are saying that one was stuffed inside a teddy bear. louis was arraigned in court yesterday and faces felony charges, including possession and the sale of meth and the date rate drug. he was arrested last week at a cal train station after he offered an undercover agent drugs. they say a task force
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discovered hidden cameras in his apartment. besides the teddy bear, cameras were found a coat lane ger -- hangar and a watch. it was unknown why he had those cameras and if it was tied to any criminal activity. >> there were computer taken, but the investigation is still on gun. >> -- ongoing. >> they are still investigating whether he will face more charges. i've called the school district as well as the department of justice spokesperson to get comment on these latest developments but i have not heard back. reporting live, back to you. a police shooting in heyward sparked a protest overnight. we have details at the scene >> reporter: some. protesters were running into
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the street. this is an extremely busy intersection. police had to step in at one point and shut it down. last night around 8:00, a group of about 30 men actually gathered to hold a vigil for their friend. the protesters were angry about the shooting calling officers killers. officials say many in the group were drinking and it turned ugly. >> the crowd started going into the traffic lanes and trying to block traffic, and we had to take some law enforcement action. >> by 10:t 30 the group dispersed. at least one person was arrested. monday morning three police officers shot and killed a man who fired his gun inside the dirty bird lounge.
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the suspect's name has still not been released but we did see the suspect's bother at the scene yesterday morning and coming up later we we'll tell you what he had to say. another recent officer involved shooting in san francisco is sparking anger and concern. last night about 100 people gathered in the mission district for a meeting with the police chief. he talked about last thursday's shooting of a 22-year-old. they say he took out a loaded gun and was shot when he refused to put it down. he's expected to survive but the shooting marked vandalism at the mission police statement and nearby businesses. >> this community has worked and struggled to make changes. but it hasn't been enough. >> no arrests were made after last friday's vandalism which has angered business owners and
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people living in the area. news this morning, iran just test fired four missile capable of hitting war ships. iran says the missiles sank a big target the size of a war ship in about 50 seconds. tensions are rising over iran's nuclear program and a threat of a possible eye tack by iran on israel. a fifth of all of the world's eye passes through that strait. live pictures from new york. delegates are arriving here from all over the world. they are going through the security checkpoints trying to recognize some. leaders coming through there. this is preparation for the big un general assembly meeting where president obama will be speaking. and coming up, we'll tell you what president obama is expected to say about iran in his speech to the un and in the midst of
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republican criticism. congresswoman lee will beholding a convention. she wants to introduce laws that would introduce voters to show a id. opponents say it would affect the elderly and minorities. a bill signed by the governor in california will allow us to vote on election day. right now an eligible resident has to register at least 15 days before an election. the measures becomes law january 1 but it could be delayed for a year or so while a statewide voter database is created. sal, are you ready to help us at the toll plaza? >> we are. good morning to you. let's look at what we have now with the morning travels. you can see there's a bit of
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busy traffic especially in the lanes over to the far right- hand side of the toll plaza but now it's still a doodle -- due pel -- it's still an okay drive into san francisco. traffic physical is -- the crash was taken care of. eighty west bond, the traffic looks light. let's go to steve. >> thank you. we have some fog out there but some of it shows up a bit later around 7:00. by the coach, it hangs there, so not very warm. fog and then sun. it will be warmer inland. not much change tomorrow. it looks warm for everybody. even by the coast, on the weekend, it will be nice, we hope. the system that gave us a
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cool-down yesterday has moved out of the pictures. fifties, inland. winds are 12 miles per hour, about half of what it was yesterday, still a westerly component. sixties right around here, circling the wagonses, so a bit of a warmup. high pressure will be up into the colorado rockies. a high pressure builds into the north and that would be the sign of a little northeast wind. we have fog on the coast. sixties for more. concord, 85. martinez, 80.
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san jose, 79. sixties on the coast. seventies, san francisco. not much change wednesday. and here comes a warm up into weekend for everybody. >> thank you. the campaign trail has no bounds for president obama. look at the high-flying adventure. frightening moments at the airports, not in the air but on the ground. what this new report says about dangerous airport run case. a wisconsin lawmaker is responding to that call during monday night football last night.
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welcome back. packers fans are outraged over a call that gave the seahawks a win. the controversy erupted after the seahawk threw that 24-yard line pass, five seconds left in the game, and one referee said the seahawks caught the ball, but the others said the packers had an interception. this is surrounding replacement referees who are calling games during an nfl lock-out. it was ruled a touchdown after a lengthy review. but the wisconsin state senator
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is letting his feelings be known. he tweeted out the nfl commissioner's number in the tweet. and he said that this season will be a joke if it doesn't change. happening in new york, there is former president bill clinton speaking at the clinton global initiative meeting in new york city. on the left that is republican presidential candidate romney who is shaking hands with former president clinton. romney is about to speak and we also know that president obama will be speaking in new york as well before the united nations. let's listen just a moment. >> i appreciate your kind words and introduction. if there's one thing we have learned in this election season, by the way, it's that a few words from bill clinton can do a man a lot of good [ laughter ]
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>> that was just a light moment, romney speaking before the clinton global initiative meeting in new york. we'll get more details about what he says a little bit later on. the time is 6:15. president obama will try to counter some of the criticism about his foreign policy when he goes before the united nations. >> reporter: the president will say the u.s. will do what it must to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. his address to the united nations coming a day after the iran president told a group of reporters israel would eventually be eliminated and had no roots in the middle east. he said they don't take their threats seriously. president obama will respond as he takes the podium. he will say there is still time
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for diplomasy. >> the president's commit meant preventing iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon is clear. >> romney accused president obama of not being tough enough and leading behind. reporting live from washington, d.c., channel 2 news. federal aviation officialses say -- officials say close calls are still running ram -- happening. they say it's happens once a day. the faa says about a dozen are serious enough to warrant an investigation every year. things are back to normal at the airport after a bomb threat last night. they searched two parking garages at the airport but
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didn't find anything suspicious. flights are operating again. today san francisco supervisors will call for a special hearing related to the misconduct case against the sheriff. they say the attorneys want supervisors to further consider perjury accusations against lee. they claim he lied under oath twice. mayor lee has denied the at gal -- al deliberation and they da didn't pursue the matter. some supporters of president obama are reaching for the skies to raise money for the campaign. check in out. they attached a bobble head to a weather balloon and set it free. it's equipped with a camera. you can see the president's trip went way up above the earth and
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all documented by the camera and set to the theme to the music by et. this is drawing attention to a yard sale for obama. the national initiative asked for people to have a yard sale and donate the sales to the obama campaign. >> interesting. 6:18 is the time. sal? i'm still waiting for the sal bobble hood doll. >> -- bobble head doll. >> good morning. traffic is doing well around the bay area. highway 4 westbound looks good coming up to the willow bass grade. no major problems although crowded at antioch and pittsburgh. the toll plaza, traffic is busy and i see flashing lights at the toll plaza and it looks like somebody is trying to get through there but the backup looks typical. this morning's travels are
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moving well on southbound 880 as you drive from heyward to fremont. >> some fog, but not as much as yesterday. temperatures cooled off yesterday. today, inland, a little bump up. but there are signs. the signs, a northeast wind developing but not until the weekend. today, thick fog by the coast. chill lee, about 40 degrees. fog and sunshine tomorrow. warmer inland. we'll carry that into the weekend, no doubt inland and around the bay, and maybe the coast, if enough of that northeast wind develops, and all signs point to it. we'll see. we have had fakes before and it didn't develop. the system that brought in cool weather moved out of the picture and is long gone. forties right here. fifties right here. not much of a delta breeze. sixties inland.
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skateses got pushed off yesterday. high pressure will nose in. it looks like it wants to settle in right here. if it did, that would give us the northeast wind. morning fog by the coast. it's tough to burn off as long as the west wind is in place. castro valley, 72. livermore, 87. share tow ga -- sarastoga, 75, and it looks warmer for the weekend. retailers are preparing for the holidays already and many will start hiring temporary workers this week. if you are looking for a job, toys are r us -- toys r us is looking for workers.
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seasonable employment is still below prerecession levels. models drivers can now get a charge on their batteries in thirties minutes. they are set up by restaurants where the drivers can get something to eat and get a charge. it's only works for the medalled ssedan, not the roadster. an unusual site. what it had to do with the filming of a new movie.
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welcome back. time is 6:24. the father of an 18-year-old man who died in the jungle in peru has raised money to bring his son home. he raised more than $8,000. he hopes a new autopsy will explain how his son died. an autopsy in peru didn't have a conclusion. he died after drinking tea on a retreat last month. the dad thinks he was murdered. a san jose man accused of poisoning his girlfriend is
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scheduled to face a judge deed. this 67-year-old brought water containing chlorine to his girlfriend at a care facility. prosecutors say he wanted to poison his girlfriend so he could gain control of her finances. san francisco considering building some of the smallest apartments in the nation. each unit would be a contact 220 square feet. today the board of supervisors will consider changing the building code to allow these units. the idea is to provide more affordable us housing options for single people. they make up most of the city's population. they could cost between 12 and $1,400 a month. you may have noticed what looked like an incredibly bright moon shining over the bay last night, but it wasn't real. that was placed on treasurer island to create the look of moonlight for the filming of
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the movie the internship. the filming took place last night the water bar. you can create a beautiful full moon. just have a big light. >> i'll get right on that. let's see what we have now in traffic. it's moving well. if you are driving around the bay area, 280 northbound looks good getting into the valley with no problems. this morning's travels is doing well on 680 sowfd bound. yesterday it was a terrible drive and this morning it's better. back to steve. >> thank you. under mostly clear skies. we have some fog working it's away around. forties for the temperatures. credible we cooled down. we'll warm up inland, not so much coast and bay. pam? >> thank you. coming up next, police caught a man, in a game of cat
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and mouse. a fast moving house fire in san francisco overnight sends four people in the hospital including a police officer. we'll have an update on all of the conditions coming up. live to the opening bell next and we'll tell you why erikson is there ringing the bell. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. the opening bell is on time. you can see child, plus teacher equals hope. very nice. the former prime minister of the uk and his wife there. they are celebrating the u.s. special envoy. on the nasdaq is erikson
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visiting the exchange. more than 40% of the world's mobile traffic goes through erikson. they are visiting. a lot of stocks to talk about. staples, big news. we'll tell you about that. >> good morning to you. thank you for joining us on channel 2 news. it's a tuesday, september 25. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. it's 6:30. developing news. police in novato captured two burglary suspects after they broke into a substation and in the process one police officer was hurt. we are live now. and you have exclusive video of what happened out there? >> reporter: we are at the headquarters where sometime in the next hour police are supposed to give us more information about the arrests this morning. let's see the video. this is sráeud of the sheriff's deputy arresting one of the two men suspected of breaking into
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a pg & e substation. early this morning the alarm system went off and the police responded and discovered the two men cut a hole into the fence around the substation and broke in. we don't know if they actually stole anything yet. police began an active search. they went through the business park located right near to the substation. an officer spotted and chased one of the burglary suspects. he struggled to arrest him. in that struggle the suspect and the officer were injured. we have been told by the police that the officer will be okay. we don't know the condition of the suspect. the second burglary suspect was found about two hours after that, around 5:30, and officers found him hiding underneath a parked car in that business park next to the substation. sometime in the next hour the police is supposed to be here
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and they are supposed to be gives you are more information about the two arrests they made overnight. channel actual must. back to you. overnight, a high speed chase that started ended with a crash in pittsburgh. let's look at new video. look at that. highway patrol officers say they saw the car speeding on highway 24 at about 3:00 this morning. they tried to pull the driver over but he kept going. officers say the chase reached speeds of 100 miles per hour before the driver crashed. two people were in the car. the driver, he was arrested. investigators suspect alcohol may have been involved. a fire is under investigation this morning. our reporter is at the scene where two families are now having to look for some housing >> reporter: this house was dadly damaged by a fire. look at the front. you cap see the front windows
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boarded up. obviously nobody can stay here. four people had to be hospitalized for miner smoke inhalation, including a south san francisco police officer. the fire started just about 11:30 last night in one unit of the duplex. it's in south san francisco. most of the fire was concentrated near the back of the house but it made its way into the shared attic place. police were called in and the firefighters to get the fire under control and firefighters were able to auto keep the flames from spreading. >> upon arrival they found flames coming out of the back of the residents. all units made a quick knock-down. there were four persons there who had smoke inhalation.
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>> there was two families, a total of seven people displaced. the red cross is helping. the deputy chief we talked with says the cause of the fire is unclear this morning but it's going investigated. four people taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. and i have reached out to the south san francisco police department hoping for an update of the officer hurt. back to you. the time is 6:35. last night in richmond chef ran revealed more issues about a refinery fire. about 200 people were here. the general manager said the pipe that failed had a low silicon content which can lead to a faster corrosion. he said the pipe was inspected last november but not the 5- foot section that filed. in the meantime the general
6:35 am
manager called reports that it used a pipe to troy to bypass air monitors, incorrect. >> the pipes that were there for safety reasons should have been routed in a different way. >> the epa's criminal investigation into that is still going on. investigators will conduct an on-site audit. a memorial is set up in antioch this morning in honor of a man shot and killed in front of his own home. people gathered last night for this candlelight vigil remembering this third man, wagner, who was sot sunday night. there was candles at the site where he was shot. police are still searching for a suspect. new details surrounding the trader joe's peanut butter recall. two people here in california have become sick in connection with the outbreak. over the weekends they linked 25 cases of this to creamy salted
6:36 am
peanut butter sold there. the manufacturer of the peanut butter announced it's recalling dozens of other peanut butters and almond butters as a precaution. we may find out if today if the u.s. supreme court will take up the issue of same-sex marriage. prop signatures eight -- proposition eight, voters approved it four years ago, and another case they could take up is the defense marriage act. if the justices do take up the issue, oral arguments would not begin until next year though. decisions are expected by june of next year. a new study finds senior citizens in seven of the most 10 popular medicare prescription drug plans will be help with people youngs -- premiums hikes if they don't shop around. researchers say it's possible you can look for a low premium
6:37 am
plan. open enrollment for medicare begins october 15. the local military bases -- basis could lose millions of dollars with possible cuts. xhupg at 6:-- coming up at 6:45, what that could be for travis air force base. governor brown is heading to the google head carters. he has a bill that allowed cars to be driven on state roads, and making california the second state to allow the driverrerless cars on the road. na saturday dah approved it in -- nevada approved it first. >> let's look at what we have now. traffic is moving well around the bay area. this is the east shore freeway.
6:38 am
it's more crowded. after yesterday's travels, i'm inclined to say today is an improvement. there is a crowd at the toll plaza. the lights are on so you will be waiting for about 10 minutes before you make it onto the bridge. if you are in heyward, you will see slow traffic. southbound 880, on the right hand shoulder, a minor crash, but the traffic slows after that. it's 6:38 and back to steve. >> thank you. some fog out there but not as much as yesterday. we we had a cool-down. we picked up the westerly breeze. looks like monday was the coolest day of the week. we'll start a little warm-up. santa rosa, downtown, 79.
6:39 am
concord, 81. livermore, 85. san jose, 77, up to 79. forties, san ra tell. antioch 53. there's still a component of a westerly sea breeze, so inland temperatures will none a bit. sixties, right here they will slide back for inlands areas towards the west. a high pressure is building in. as the high builds in here in original, we could get the northeast wind which is something that is long overdo. morning fog, a westerly breeze, slightly breeze for those away from coast. napa, 83. walnut creek, 8484, and low
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70 degrees in santa cruz. it looks like not much change wednesday. all signs right now, unless it doesn't go as planned, sunny and warm this weekend. a bay area man was in that deadly avalanche in nepal. he lived to describe how he escaped. new information about a south bay elementary school principal accused of selling drugs. we will tell you what investigators found tucked away in a teddy birth in his home. -- teddy bear in his home. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento,
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they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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good morning. a little bit of fog. some on the coast. a little on the bay. mostly sunny and warmer away from the coast. welcome back. good morning. a look at some of the top stories. police in novato arrested two burglary suspects, and one officer was injured trying to make that arrest. the suspect alleged lie broke into a substation. one police officer saw them and chased after a suspect. another officer eventually captured the second suspect two hours later. four people including a
6:44 am
south san francisco police officer were sent to a hospital after a fire here in south san francisco, all of them suffering smoke inhalation. the fire was a duplex. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. police in heyward arrested at least one person after a protest over a deadly officer involved shooting. the demonstration was last night near the dirty bird lounge. police shot and called a suspect yesterday there after they say the man tried to run them over. new information about the santa clara elementary school principal accused of selling drugs to an undercover officer. we are in santa clair this morning to tell us what police say they found in his home >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the department of justice spokeswoman and she has confirmed that numerouslien
6:45 am
cameras were found inside the apartment of the former principal here at this elementary. at least a couple were hidden inside stuffed teddy bears. why were they inside a child's toy? that's what investigators want to know. 42-year-old louis appeared in court yesterday where she was arraigned on five felony drug charges. most drugs including ex a see -- ex asy were found in his apartment. a task force found 10 hidden cameras at his apartment. the department of justice says that the cameras were found in the two bears in his apartment but the news is reporting they were also hid 99 a cigarette light -- hidden in a cigarette lighter and a watch in the bedroom. >> it's just part of our investigation, figuring out why
6:46 am
he had those, and also, again, some of the others things we taking from the computer. we have to go through those and determine what if anything are on those. >> investigators are still going through the evidence to see if more charges are warranted. the da's office says none of the drug charges he is facing are related to the elementary school but at this point it's unknown if he ever brought any of head cameras found in his apartment to the school. glifb from santa clara. back to you. a bay area resident survived a deadly have blanch in nepal over the weekend. plake was talking about the terrifying event. he said it hit while he and other climbers were sleeping. it took them about 650 feet down the mountain while they were
6:47 am
still sleeping in their sleeping bags. nine climbers died and six more are missing. a wildfire in san diego county has turned deadly. it started sunday, and now the body of an 82-year-old man was found in a burned home yesterday afternoon. neighbors say the man told them that he refused to evacuate. that fire has destroyed at least 20 homes and damaged 10 others. other 25 homes are still thinked -- threatened. close to $4 million could be lost in this county if they are approved, according to the sentence tar for security policy. the budget cuts would affect travis air force base. san diego county could lose the most with more than $1 billion in cuts. lawmakers in washington, d.c. are considering an 18% cut to defense spending over the next 10 years. two american marines
6:48 am
accused of urinating on the bodies of dead tell ban fighters in afghanistan will be court martialed. this all became public in january after this video surfaced of four marines urinating on the bodies of dead individuals. they were charged with other forms of misconduct. three other marines were given administrative punishment last month. a work crew never expected to find a reminder of the 1906 earthquake. the workers offers -- were digging when they dug up chunks of concrete and bricks and it turned out to be the remanents of the old city hall which collapsed during the earthquake. it took seven years for construction of the current city hall to get started and two more years before the building was actually finished. the time is 6:49. how is 880 doing?
6:49 am
>> better than yesterday. it was bad yesterday because of a chain reaction of things. the important thing, right now, if we look at this freeway, northbound traffic looks good, all the way up to downtown. southbound looks good heading to heyward with no major problems. there's a minor crash southbound 880, but that's not where the back-up begins. it begins after that in heyward. i want to check in with the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for about a 10 to 15 minute delay. nothing unusual. we talked about the any more mits -- nimitz freeway, it's slobbing down. let's go to steve. >> thank you. some fog. chilly. some say the first fireplace
6:50 am
for the season. the nights are getting longer. today will be about the same as yesterday. the temperatures will be pumped up. tomorrow will be about the same. but i hear the fog festival, and i think it's going to be sunny, however, and the system that gave us a cool down, 34 in tahoe, that was that low and that's out of the picture. still fog on the coast. temperatures haven't changed 77. there's a bite to the morning air. not much of a breeze, but still a sea breeze, but less than yesterday. the key to maybe clearing the fog out is this little guy here. as high pressure builds in, high pressure doesn't like that low so it will fill it with wind, but probably not until friday will this happen. sixties, inland, and higher,
6:51 am
and warmer than yesterday. some locations are still in the 80s and in and around that. fremont, 76. morgan hill, 85. wood side, 79, 60 on the coast and in the city. not much change wednesday. >> thank you. a new report on home prices. it shows for july national home prices rose 1.2% from july of last year. the report also says prices increased in all 20 markets that are tracked. we're keeping an eye on app kel stock and as of right now, it's down just a little bit.
6:52 am
the company's stock pel after reporting 5 million i phones selling and they were looking for eight to 10 million. taking shape is santa lara, the very latest on the construction of the 49ers' new stadium. how the battle over a new jail is heating up this morning.
6:53 am
taking shape is santa clara,
6:54 am
6:55 am
. welcome backs. the dow jones up 17 points. staples announcing that there will be 60 source closing but most of them will be in europe. they are focusing on online. uc berkeley police identified a suspect blaming two rob wees where -- robberies where women were forced to take money out of the golden bear coffee atm earlier this month after offering to sell magazine subscriptions to them. he is about 5-foot 11 inches and 135 pounds with blue eyes and short hair. people against a proposal to build a new jail plan to pack the meeting. supervisors are expected to
6:56 am
vote on a budget which includes $44 million for the jail. ny say the jail will deal with the growing prison population. but another group is grens jail expansion. its members say resources should be used on alternative programs instead. construction of the stadium is 15% finished for the 49ers. 400 workers are building the framework piece by piece. they say eventually 18,000 tons of steel will support the stadium. we'll get our cameras in there for a better look this afternoon. the team says the stadium is on track to open for the 2014 season. this morning, giants fan, you can register for tickets to see them play in the division series. the deadline, today at noon. tickets prices rang from 60 to $420. the giants called their ticket availability extremely limited. they will probably play at home the weekend of october six and
6:57 am
seven. right now, coming up on 7:00, let's go back over to traffic. >> it's getting busy as we get to the middle of the morning travels, the heart of it. the traffic heading to a crowded bay page toll places za -- plaza. let's go to steve. >> thank you. yesterday was low clouds. today is more fog. high issue pressure is build -- pressure is building. not much change. a story we've been following since 4:30 this morning, a police officer injured, and how it's tied to a pg & e power planned. an overnight fire and how four people were hurt. stay right here with us.
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